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Web Client User Guide

Need technical information? Read the 'What is the Web Client?' user guide

In this article, you will learn how to use the Nodinite Web Client.
Web Client user interface

End-users must have a compatible Client Browser to use the Web Client.

graph LR subgraph "Consumers" roBrowser[fab:fa-chrome Chrome
fab:fa-firefox Firefox
fab:fa-edge edge
fab:fa-safari Safari] end subgraph "Web Server" roWebClient(fal:fa-globe Web Client) ---roWebAPI(fal:fa-cloud-sun Web API) roBrowser ---roWebClient end

You can not use Internet Explorer with Nodinite 5.3 or later.


The Web Client provides thousands of functions literally, and these are documented on many pages. The Web Client user interface provides the following data items:

  • General Information
  • Main Menu Items for the features available
    • Page and modals with the selected feature

On the Web Client's left side, the console panels have tiles with child tiles representing different types of artifacts/entities that you can view and manage.

When you select a tile in the console, the details pane on the right side of the Web Client displays information about the items.

The Nodinite Web Client has Role-based security, and the available features look different for different users, depending on their Role-membership

General Information

The Web Client has the following informational elements (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Logo - Nodinite
  • License information
  • Logged-on user - Name of the currently logged on user (Using Windows Integrated security)
  • Status - Current state of Nodinite installation together with information about the currently evaluated state of Monitor Views
  • Help - Quick links to documentation- and support pages
  • Show Deleted - Option to include deleted in list views, visible where applicable

As the Nodinite Administrator, you have access to all of the following main menu items:

graph TD subgraph "Web Client User Interface" roDash(fal:fa-tachometer-alt Dashboard
Metrics & statistics) roLog(fal:fa-hdd Log Views
Events & messages) roMV(fal:fa-desktop Monitor Views
State & Actions) roRep(fal:fa-sitemap Repository
Documentation) roAdmin(fal:fa-cogs Administration
Manage Nodinite) end
What is User guide Add or Manage
Log Views Add or manage Log View
Monitor Views Add or manage Monitor View
Repository Model Repository Overview
Custom Metadata
Custom Fields
Add or manage Integration
Add or manage System
Add or manage Service
Add or manage Endpoint
Add or manage Message Type
Windows AD Groups - Overview
Add or manage Role
Add or manage User
Windows AD Groups

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