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What is the Nodinite Web Client?

The Nodinite Web Client is the Web Application for end-users and Administrators.

Web Client
Example of the Nodinite Dashboard.

To use the Nodinite Web Client, you need to use a supported Client Browser. Nodinite features a Role-based security scheme. To access the Nodinite Web Client, the Nodinite Administrator must grant you access. All User operations are Log Audited.

The Web Client is a Web Application that makes it easy for you to provide access to logged data, monitoring data and one of the key features is supportable and maintainable systems integrations solutions. Please use the Nodinite Repository Model for the documentation and make use of the CMDB capabilities.

The Web Client is part of the Core Services package which means that the installer helps you with both the installation and recurring updates. See Prerequisites for pre-installation related information.

Security Self service Find your data
Role based security with advanced filters and log audited user operations helps keep your data management secure Simple and intuitive self-service Web based interface lets your business answer their own questions Flexible Log and Monitor Views helps you find data and solve problems

Self-service with Nodinite can reduce your support costs dramatically!

graph LR subgraph "Front-end Users" roBrowser[fab:fa-chrome Chrome
fab:fa-firefox Firefox
fab:fa-internet-explorer Internet Explorer
fab:fa-edge edge
fab:fa-safari Safari] end subgraph "Nodinite Web Server with local SQL DB" roWebClient(fal:fa-globe Web Client) roWebAPI -.-> roDB(fal:fa-database Databases) roBrowser --> roWebClient roWebClient --> roWebAPI(fal:fa-cloud-sun Web API) end

Example of local installation with Web Client Users using supported Client Browser


Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite Web Client exist in the Troubleshooting user guide.

How do I Use the Web Client?

The following criterions must be met:

  • You need a compatible Client Browser with access to an installation of Nodinite
  • A Nodinite Administrator must grant your login (Windows Identity) to a Nodinite Role

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