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Nodinite NULL Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020

Use the free Nodinite NULL adapter with your BizTalk Server environment to rid messages of no particular interest. Stockpiling suspended messages in BizTalk messagebox is inherently bad for performance and you will eventually run out of disk space unless you deal with this matter.

The purpose of this adapter is to remove data; make sure you know what you are doing as you can permanently lose business-critical data.
graph LR subgraph "BizTalk Server" roSP("Send Port") -->|void message| roNULL("Nodinite NULL Adapter") roNULL --> roTC(fal:fa-trash-alt The eternal void) end subgraph "Nodinite" roSP -.-> |Tracking| roNodinite(fal:fa-archive Secure long term archive) end

One way to keep the data for a controlled period is to use Nodinite and enable the built-in BizTalk tracking feature. Nodinite is plug and play and you can opt to keep the messages for as long as you like based on the message type. You can enable tracking on send ports with the Nodinite NULL adapter for BizTalk and still get the Logs from within Nodinite.

Read more about the way Nodinite adds a long-term archiving solution for Logging business critical transactions here.


Download the latest version of the free NULL adapter for BizTalk Server 2020 here .


The Nodinite Null Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 requires the following products and versions to be in place before you can install and configure it:

Product Version
BizTalk Server 2020(!)
.NET 4.7 or later


Repeat the installation steps below on all Microsoft BizTalk Server processing nodes.

Step 1: Install the software

  1. Make sure the .MSI file is not blocked by Windows (unblock from the 'Properties' modal).
  2. As the local administrator, execute the MSI package.

Step 2: Navigate to the install folder

Now, use the administrative CMD-prompt and navigate to the folder where you installed the Nodinite Null Adapter, the default location is:

C:\Program Files\Nodinite\Null Adapter

Step 3: Run the installer

Logged on as the local administrator, now run the Install.exe file.



You should now be prompted to install the Nodinite Null Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020. Answer 'y', to confirm the intent to install.

InstallCommand Successful installation

Step 3: Add Adapter to BizTalk

Next, you will add the Adapter to the list of installed Adapters.

  1. As 'BizTalk Server Administrator', open the BizTalk Server MMC

  2. Expand the tree and open the Adapters subtree

  3. Right-click and select the Add new Adapter option
    Add Adapter

  4. Select the `Nodinite Null Adapter'
    Select Adapter

  5. Name the Adapter

  6. Assign Hosts (Must be a Send Handler) Assign Hosts

Make sure to restart the host instances (if you perform any changes)

Restart Host Instances

Use the Null Adapter

From a Send Port, select the Nodinite Null Adapter (with the name you gave it during the installation):

  1. Click the Configure... button
  2. Enter a Name for this port (forms the URI and thereby provides traceability)
  3. Enter an optional Comment
  4. Select True for the 'Log to local application event log' to get the first 31838 characters. All Events from the Null Adapter are logged with EventId=1337

You should only log the local event during debugging (you may post sensitive data to the local event log)


Step 1: Remove Adapter from BizTalk

  1. As 'BizTalk Server Administrator', open the BizTalk Server MMC
  2. Remove the Null Adapter from all Send ports where it is being used
  3. Remove the Adapter from the list of installed Adapters
  4. Restart Host instances where it was once used

Step 2: Remove Adapter from GAC

  1. Logged on as the local administrator, run the Install.exe
  2. Select 'Y' to remove the Adapter from GAC
  3. Restart the BizTalk Server MMC

Known issues / Troubleshooting

.NET Framework 4.7 Dependency

The installer cannot verify that .NET 4.7 (or later) is already installed, due to the current limitation with the WIX installer.

Local Event Log

The events written to the local application log are truncated due to the length restrictions in Windows. Please use Nodinite if you need logging from BizTalk Server.

If you encounter logs in the Application log stating 'The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched.', then; execute the following Powershell script with elevated privileges.

eventcreate /ID 1 /L APPLICATION /T INFORMATION  /SO "Nodinite Null Adapter" /D "Yet another solution to create an event log source"