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Managing Deleted Records

The concept and motivation for Nodinite to keep your configuration data for ever is detailed in the Managing Nodinite section "Why does Nodinite not delete my records?".

All deleted configuration records within Nodinite can be restored.

  • The actual delete operation toggles an internal flag indicating that the object is not meant to be actively used
  • Deleted items can be restored
  • Deleted items can be included for viewing and editing in most list views
  • Deleted items are clearly presented with red background color and a trashcan icon
  • Delete/Restore operations are tracked in the Log Audits table
  • In many places Nodinite will complain with status icons to visualize if you include deleted records
    • Using deleted records is ambiguous and needs to be adjusted

Deleted Icon
Example of the deleted record icon in some list

Deleted System in the Integration Landscape
Another example of deleted System in the Integration Landscape

How do I see deleted records?

The Show Deleted checkbox can be found in many places within the Nodinite Web Client.
Include deleted
When checked, present deleted records in the list views

How do I restore deleted records?

When Show Deleted is checked, you will be able to restore a deleted item by clicking the Action button and then click Restore.

How do I permanently delete records?

You generally don't. Please read the "Why does Nodinite not delete my records? paragraph.

This behaviour is by design!

Contact our support

If you still have any questions, or have trouble with Managing Deleted Records please contact us at support@nodinite.com

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