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Environment Name

Environment name rubs off on all Core Services for that instance of Nodinite making it easy to manage where multiple instances are installed on the same host.

Information about the type of environment and the customer name of the licensee can be viewed at the top of the Web Client.

Every installation of Nodinite is licensed. The license is tied to a customer. The Customer Name is tied to the ProductKey. The Web-based install tool provides functionality to enter the name for the type of environment upon the first installation.

Common real-life examples of the type of environments:

  • PROD
  • Demo
  • Test
  • QA

The name of the type of environment is user-defined and is set during the installation of Nodinite Core Services. The value can NOT easily be changed. Contact our Support or send us an email at support@nodinite.com to get help changing the name.

Environment Color

It is possible to apply a color scheme on a bar to easier separate multiple environments, read more here

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