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System Integration Solutions typically communicate by sending messages on a physical transport medium as part of a conversation. The participants in a conversation agree on the type of protocol and security policies to comply with. The information about transport channels exists within Nodinite as Endpoints.

Endpoints Overview Example list of Endpoints filtered by the Nodinite BizTalk Server Log Agent

TIP: Notice the last column; Here is information about the last known logged event.

An Endpoint must have a user-friendly name and an address (URI). The End Points are unique in their composition of the following fields:

  • Name - Name of the Endpoint
  • URI - The address of the Endpoint
  • Direction - Direction for Endpoint
  • Endpoint Type - The type of Endpoint
  • Log Agent - Information about the source for this Endpoint

Manage EndPoint
Example of a BizTalk Endpoint where also some additional tracking information is provided


End-users with sufficient allowances manage the Nodinite Repository Model and assign the relationship between Services and Contracts.

An example;

  1. Service A in the source System creates a message (file) and writes it to the file system.
  2. Service B in the destination System reads the message using the SFTP protocol.
graph LR subgraph "Service A" EA[File based Endpoint] end subgraph "Service B" EA--> |Message with a Message Type and Direction| roSB[FTP Based Endpoint] end

Further; An Endpoint can be part of a Transport Contract (log point) in Services and Contracts.

Custom Metadata

As with all entities of the Nodinite Repository Model, a System can have any number of Custom Metadata fields assigned.

Custom Fields

As with all entities of the Nodinite Repository Model, a System can have any number of Custom Fields assigned.

Origin of Endpoints

Endpoints originate from the process of logging. For example:
Log Agents using the Log API: Review the Asynchronous Logging user guide for details.

Endpoints are automatically created by the Logging feature, and these are displayed in the overview. All logged Messages are processed by the Logging Service. During processing, the Endpoint gets defined and well-known.

Nodinite Messages (Log Event) must include information about the Endpoint (and the Message Type).


Nodinite has lasting built-in statistics about Endpoints. A compelling feature is that all MessageTypes recorded on that Endpoint is listed.

Endpoint statistics
Example of traffic statistics for the selected Endpoint.

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Add or manage Endpoint.

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