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Knowledge base Articles

Get started now: How to Add or manage Article user guide

A knowledge base article or an operator instruction? doesn't matter, Nodinite provides a rich text editor for your unlimited number of Articles and it's dead simple to use too.

Use Case

Use the Articles to provide human-readable content for end-users in a context where it matters the most. The usage of Articles are virtually endless, other products typically name them (we mean the same thing):

  • Operator instructions
  • Knowledgebase
  • Design documents
  • Technical documents
  • ...


TIP: Articles helps you capture and leverage your team’s know-how!

Other Custom Metadata about your Integrations can also be shared using the Nodinite Repository Model.

Rich text editor helps you create and manage Articles

The following features are available working with articles:

  • WYSIWYG Editor - No learning curve empowers anyone to write awesome articles
    • Embed images and videos - Make your articles look more attractive and user-friendly.
      • Clipboard - Simply paste the image in the article
      • From file - select file from the filesystem
      • Drag and drop - Can't be much simpler than that
    • Style your text * Provide hyperlinks to other pages/articles
  • Tag your articles
  • Code view for fine-grained control
  • Easy to create tables (since you have the code view you can style these as you like with code, for example, add table-striped)
  • Full-screen support
  • Adjust editable area - Simply drag and drop vertically
  • Type faster with shortcuts - Get the list of shortcuts in the editor help page

Structured content

Organize your articles on multiple levels including Categories and Applications provided by the Monitoring Agents. An Article can also be associated with a single Resource if it's a dedicated article for a single purpose.

graph TD subgraph "Structured Content" roA(fal:fa-box-open Applications) roC(fal:fa-folder Categories) roR(fal:fa-lightbulb Resources) roTags(fal:fa-tags Tags) end

For any given Resource the total number of associated Articles are visible within the Monitor Views.
Number Of Articles

Share articles with Applications
You can make 1 single article shared between all Resources belonging to one or more Applications

Share articles with Categories
You can make 1 single article shared between all Resources belonging to one or more Categories

Associate article with selected Resources
You can make 1 single article shared between selected Resources

Organize Articles with Tags
Nodinite Tags are unique string values that can be used to organize your Articles. Tags are meant to help your users find a specific article as well as related articles. Please note that Nodinite comes with no predefined tags, this is your story to tell.

TIP: Tagging Articles makes it easier for your users to manage numerous Knowledge base Articles.

How do I create and work with Knowledgebase articles?

You can manage Articles using the Nodinite Web Client. Use any of the following user guides working with Articles:

Where can I use the Knowledgebase Articles?

Currently, Nodinite offers the use of your knowledgebase Articles within Monitor Views where you can bind them to Applications, Categories and Resources.

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