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Add or manage Role

This guide teaches how to add and manage a Role.

You must first have created some Users and/or Windows AD Groups before a Role can be properly configured and be used meaningfully.

Step 1: Add or manage Role

Click the Add/New button to create a new Role.
Add a new Role Button
Example of the 'Add/New' button for Roles.

Step 2: Name and configure the Role

Next, add some essential information about the Role.

Mandatory Fields

Add Empty Role (
Example of an empty role where you must provide the Name for the Role.

Optional Fields

The following fields are optional:

  • Description - Description of the Role.

Step 3: Assign Role membership

The System Administrator can add/remove:

To assign Users to the Role, click the Edit button. Assign Users for a Role
Example Users for a Role.

To assign Windows AD Groups to the Role, click the Edit button. Assign Windows AD Groups for Role
Example of Windows AD Groups for Role (filtered).

Next Step

Next Step

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