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Log Audit Search

Find out who did what when. You may have a Policy or a need for Compliance to Audit sensitive operations performed by both Users and the system itself. The Nodinite built-in auditing feature enables just that!

The 'Log Audit Search Modal' is accessible from the Administration menu. From here, a user with the predefined Nodinite Administrator Role can know who did what and when.

Log Audit Search is a function intended to make it easy for your administrators to search and find specific operations performed by Nodinite Core Services and end-users.

Log Audit Link (
An example of one possible way to navigate to the Log Audit Search screen.

How do I find out who did what and when?

As an Administrator, you can perform searches using any of the following filters:

  • Date: Specify the time threshold for your search.
  • Operation: Search for keywords or sentences by Log Audited operations.
  • Users: Search for a specific user linked to the logs (Note: users from AD-windows groups are inaccessible).
  • Level: Search for a particular type of error, e.g. Information, Error, Warning, Critical.
  • Function: This is the Nodinite internal name of a function. Most often used for troubleshooting various reported issues.

Search Options ( An example of the options using the Log Audit Search screen.

Click the Search button to get the result for current search options:

Log Audit Search Result (
An example of output from a search in the Log Audit Search screen.

Many operations involve multiple steps that may be part of a distributed transaction and span numerous operations. Click the Action button and select 'show related' to get all correlated logs.
Show related menu item (
An example of how to retrieve a list of related events.

Then, the related operations are loaded into a modal, as exemplified below: Correlated events
An example of related Log Audit Events.

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TIP: Use the Nodinite Web Service Monitoring Agent to get alerts based on Log Audit content.