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Log and Monitor Azure Logic Apps

Plug and Play! No changes to the existing solutions and no need for the Azure Web Portal for common support related tasks!


Having problems with your Logic Apps? No Worries, Nodinite can log and detect problems which means you get aware and have means to resolve them either manually or by using the Nodinite auto healing feature.

Get aware of problems with the state, availability and get other insights based on data from logged events from your all your Logic Apps from any number of Azure Subscriptions. The Azure Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent feeds Nodinite with information about the health of your Logic Apps and provides remote actions for responsible within your organization to swiftly manage and resolve matters. End-users do not need to have personal access to the Microsoft Azure portal with extended or unnecessary knowledge about passwords and other insights of deployed artifacts that are often out of their scope anyway.

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  • Monitoring Logic Apps - Make sure your logic apps are available and running. Monitoring could not be easier and no changes are required to the existing solutions
  • Managing Logic Apps - Fix problems, delegate access and control to responsible users without the Azure Portal
  • Logging Logic Apps - Follow your business transaction workflows down to technical level by logging all events to Nodinite (in and out events with payload and context) without making changes to the existing logic apps solutions using the built-in tracking capabilities

Share and delegate Save time Save money
Quickly provide self-service access for your business and other stakeholders Responsible users can swiftly manage and resolve problems, thereby saving downtime Just 1 Nodinite license is required regardless of the number of azure subscriptions

What can I do with the Azure Logic Apps Monitoring Agent?

Monitor all your Logic apps regardless of the number of Azure Subscriptions

You will only need one license and one instance of the Azure Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent for all your logic apps, regardless of region. The agent has support for multiple subscriptions using different access credentials.

Log business transactions from your workflows regardless of the number of Azure Subscriptions

Nodinite grabs all events with payload from both in- and out events with tracked properties and provides correlation Ids which makes it very easy for you to get the whole picture for individual runs. Combine this with other tracked properties in your Azure and on-premise solution and you have a true end to end logging across all platforms and solutions.

Learn from mistakes

Use the Nodinite Web API to create Power BI Reports with valuable statistics. Learn and visualize or get the KPIs of interest.

Make your organization aware of the problem

When Nodinite detects a problem with your logic apps an alert can get distributed using any of the built-in Alarm plugins to get you or the responsible organization aware and involved.

Delegate control and fix problems with ease

With Nodinite you can fix your Logic App problems. Delegate control using role based security and manage your Logic Apps from the Web Client.

Stay secure

Nodinite has Role based security and enables you to restrict access down to individual Logic Apps using Monitor Views. We at Nodinite think it is wise to limit the number of power users (administrators) from having direct access to servers and services. All operations in Nodinite are being audited.

How do I know how many Logic Apps I have?

Nodinite has a smart way to group your resources and either looking directly in the Web Client or you can customize and automate this further through the Web API and that data can be used within your Power BI Reports.

Grow together

Over time as your logic app implementations grow with additional subscriptions, resource groups and other services, Nodinite and the Agent automatically detects and monitors additional deployed logic apps. There is no need to code or change anything within your Logic App flows.

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent exist in the Troubleshooting user guide.

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