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What is a Resource?

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A Resource is specific object/unit being monitored by a specific Monitoring Agent. A Resource origin from Monitoring Agents. The current state of the Resource is tracked by the Monitoring Service.

The design goal is to represent every link in the System Integration chain as a Resource

The actual Resource has one of the following states at any given moment which represents it evaluated condition:

State Status Description
OK Online All's well; The Resource is operational
Warning Warning state raised One or more minor problems are detected
Error Error state raised One or more major problems are detected
Unavailable Resource not available Used to indicate an error/fatal condition usually since the Monitoring Agent Configuration or resource unavailable or can't be reached from the Monitoring Agent. Also, some Monitoring Agents use this state to indicate bad configuration, or inability to evaluate the Resource
Connection Error Monitoring Service fails to communicate with the Monitoring Agent Service is offline (server is shutdown/rebooting)
Connectivity issues (bad network)
Invalid Monitoring Agents configuration
Invalid Remote Configuration

State / Status Code colors and order:


The following properties are available on a Resource:

Property Description
Name The name of the Resource
Description The user-friendly description about the Resource
Web Site Provides the ability for a link to additional external documentation
Monitoring Agent Configuration The name of the Monitoring Agent Configuration the Resource origins from
Application The name of the Application
Category The name of the Category

Expected State

All resources can be reconfigured to provide a different outcome when evaluating the current state. For example, a disabled SQL Job would normally be considered an error. By setting the expected State of the Resource different outcome is the result for the current state.

The opposite can also hold true, for example a Receive Location in BizTalk is supposed to be stopped due to some ongoing problem pending solution. Meanwhile, the Receive Location should be stopped. expectedstate

From inside a Monitor View a resource with reconfigured expected state is displayed with a coloured dot indicating the real state. expectedstateicon

NOTE: The LogText should not change over time for a resource that do not change its state. This is due to the caching mechanism trying to conserve bandwidth and costs when using service bus relaying.

State / Status Code values

Internally within Nodinite the following Status Code values are being used:

State Status Code values
OK 0
Warning 1
Error 2
Unavailable 3
Connection Error 4

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