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What is the Nodinite Web API?

The Nodinite Web API is a modern and secure REST based API that Nodinite heavily utilizes to read and persist data in the configuration and log databases.

The Web API is a Web Application within IIS and is installed as part of the Core Services package. See Prerequisites for pre-installation related information.

All operations that you or any other user/service performs that changes information/data, and also some potentially sensitive operations like download or view messages are being logged into a tamper resistant Log Audits storage.

graph LR subgraph "Consumers" roCode(fal:fa-code Build & Deploy) roMobileApp(fal:fa-mobile App) roBrowser[fab:fa-chrome Chrome
fab:fa-firefox Firefox
fab:fa-internet-explorer Internet Explorer/edge] roReports(fal:fa-chart-line-up Reports) roDashboard(fal:fa-tachometer Custom Dashboards) end subgraph "Web Server and local SQL DB" roWebClient(fal:fa-globe Web Client) roWebAPI --- roDB(fal:fa-database Databases) roBrowser --> roWebAPI roBrowser --> roWebClient roWebClient --> roWebAPI(fal:fa-cloud-sun Web API) roCode-->roWebAPI roMobileApp-->roWebAPI roReports-->roWebAPI roDashboard -->roWebAPI end

The Web API sits in the middle between the databases and its consumers

Managing the Web API

With the Nodinite Web API you can manage among many other features you may imagine and build:

  • Custom Reporting
  • Automation
  • Custom Dashboards

The Web API as seen from your supported Client Browser

Custom reporting

With the Nodinite Web API you can create your own custom reports using the tool you know an like (Power BI, Excel, QlikView) to name a few.


With the Swagger enabled Web API you can do just about anything you may imagine, for example:

  • Populate the Repository Model from your build & deploy process
  • Change run-time behaviour on the fly from your own apps
  • Retrieve any data for use in your intranet, wiki, custom portals and apps


Custom Dashboards

With Nodinite, you can create custom reports using Power BI and display them on the Dashboard within the Web Client.

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite Web API exist in the Troubleshooting user guide.

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