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What is Auto Healing?

Auto Healing is a feature that minimize business impact from unnecessary downtimes for problems that Nodinite by taking an appropriate corrective action. Manual labour is associated with costs, and out of office hours are even more costly. With the Nodinite Auto Healing feature you will not only keep business-critical services running, you will also save money and your business will perceive a higher quality of your service.

Technically; Auto Healing is a feature that executes Remote Actions when the evaluated state for a monitored Resource matches your configuration. It is the responsibility of the Monitoring Service to detect the problem and execute appropriate corrective action according to your configuration.

Auto Healing is available and can be configured for almost all Nodinite Resources

Keeps business-critical resources online Log Audited operations Generally available on all Resources
Make your business enjoy a higher perceived quality of service All operations in Nodinite are log audited, avoid any blame game discussions by knowing who was involved human or machine was No limits - All monitored resources with Remote Actions can benefit from the auto-healing feature


Auto Healing Examples

Below is a table with just a few examples taken from our customers and partners, feel free to contribute with your business case where the Nodinite auto-healing feature saved time end money for you by automatically execute remote actions for you.

Monitoring Agent Scenario Executed Action Business case
Windows Service Windows Service has stopped Start Avoid any impact for your business by keeping Windows Services in the desired state
BizTalk Receive Location has stopped Enable Keeps your receive locations enabled, BizTalk Receive locations may stop due to short default settings and external dependencies being offline (maintenance, reboot after being patch)
BizTalk Sudden loss of Tracking on single port Enable Tracking Don't lose tracking data anymore. Tracking settings on default pipelines can get lost after deployment
SQL/SSIS SSIS package fails to run due to missing file Run SSIS Package Your partner did not send the weekly file in time and therefore the SSIS packages fails to run. Have Nodinite Re-run this job a few times for you before either "giving" up or succeeds because the file was resent or sent just late
Logic Apps Disabled Logic App Enable After deployment someone forgot to enable the Logic App. For this example you should allow for at least 15-30 minutes before retrying operation to not interfere with deployments in progress
MuleSoft Anypoint Stopped Connector Start Connector Someone accidentally stopped a Connector. See previous scenario for additional details on this similar case

Frequently asked questions

Common problems not answered below and FAQ for the Monitoring Service can be found on the Troubleshooting page.

How do I configure Auto Healing?

Configuration on auto-healing is performed on individual Resources. See the 'Add or manage Resource' user guide for further details and instructions.

NOTE: You should only use Auto Healing where it is really needed. A good warning example is [re-]deployments. During deployment resources may go offline, Nodinite will then perform configured action that may interfere with your deployment process. This means more administration and potential frustration. Remember, the deployment people may be unaware of your auto-healing configurations.

How do I disable Auto Healing?

To prevent Nodinite from performing Auto-healing actions you can either:

  • Disable Auto healing configuration on selected Resource - see the 'Add or manage Resource' user guide for further details and instructions
  • Set Nodinite in maintenance mode using a User Notification
  • Stop the Monitoring Service temporarily

Stopping the Monitoring Service is not recommended since you have no monitoring at all then for the duration of the stop

How do I know which resources have Auto Healing configured?

All Resources with Auto Healing enabled are marked with an Ambulance icon:
Resources with Auto Healing Enabled
List of Resources with auto-healing enabled.

How do I know about which Remote Actions are configured?

Click on a Resource from a Monitor View with the ambulance icon to list the current auto-healing configuration:
List AutoHealing Configurations on Resource
List of currently configured auto-healing remote actions.

Contact our support

If you still have any questions or have trouble with Auto Healing please contact us at support@nodinite.com

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