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Enable Monitoring

Helps you monitor the status and get alerted whenever there is a possible business problem

Nodinite uses the concept of Monitoring Agents. Depending on how you use the Nodinite LDAP Web API one or more of these agents might be useful in order to provide end to end monitoring.

With Nodinite you can get alerts whenever something has a bad status. Logging is the foundation for Non-Events and makes sure you get alerted before you miss expected events. If you are using certificates and followed the 'How to perform hardening on your Nodinite LDAP Web API' user guide, these certificates tend to grow old, make sure you replace them in time.

Monitoring Agent Description
Azure Agent Web jobs, Azure storage (Queues, Files, Blobs)
Azure Logic Apps Logic Apps
Database SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, PostgreSQL
File File (SMB), File (NFS), SFTP, FTP/FTPS
Microsoft BizTalk Server BizTalk Artifacts, Health check, Environment
Mule ESB Mule ESB, MuleSoft, Cloudhub
Non-Events Non-Events
Web Services Web Services, SOAP, REST, Certificates
Windows Server Services, Disk, Memory, CPU,
Scheduled tasks, IIS, Ping, Event log,