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Uninstalling the Nodinite LDAP Web API

This guide teaches how to uninstall the LDAP Web API.

The Nodinite LDAP Web API has no installer, hence, the un-install steps must be manually performed.

Before you begin

Make sure all client/consumers have been decommissioned.

Step 1: Stop Application Pool

Use the Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager.


The first step to do is to stop the Application Pool for the IIS Application hosting the LDAP Web API.

Step 2: Remove Virtual Directory

Right click on the Virtual Directory and click Remove.

Remove Virtual Directory

Step 3: Remove Application Pool

You can now Remove the Application Pool since it is no longer being used.

Remove App Pool

Step 4: Remove Intermediate Logging Targets

This is an optional step that depends on how you used the LDAP Web API.
If you were using Logging, maybe even with Nodinite, then you should now remove:

Step 5: Remove Installation Folder

You can now remove the binaries and the Configuration files. The default, as documented in the Installation is C:\Program Files\Nodinite\LDAP Web API

Installation Folder


If you fail to un-install the LDAP Web API or have questions about the uninstall process, please contact our support.


Contact our Support for additional guidance if you fail to resolve the problem(s).

NOTE: Additional information to aid the troubleshooting may exist in the Windows Event Logs.

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