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MFT Monitoring Agent

Make sure your MFT based systems integrations solutions are vital. Get alerts when files are stockpiling and/or getting old.


The Nodinite File and FTP Folder Monitoring Agent enable you to monitor the file age from folders (SMB and NFS) and FTP/SFTP/FTPS sources. png_MonitorViewListOfResources

The current state of the Resources are available in Monitor Views, and alerts can get distributed (pushed) to end-users (Mail, Ticket handling systems, etc.).
Alert Metrics can be displayed either in the dashboard or using custom Reports using Power BI or any other tool that you prefer since data comes from the REST-based Web API.

graph LR subgraph "Nodinite Instance" roNI(fal:fa-folder File and FTP Monitoring agent) --- roMonitor[fal:fa-monitor-waveform Monitoring] end subgraph "Windows/Linux" roMonitor --- roSMB(fal:fa-folders Folders - SMB) roMonitor --- roNFS(fal:fa-folders Folders - NFS) end subgraph "SFTP" roMonitor --- roSFTP(fal:fa-file-certificate Folders) end subgraph "FTP/FTPS" roMonitor --- roFTP(fal:fa-file-export Folders) end


  • A single agent can monitor any number of FTP services, servers, and file shares. The supported file-based protocols are:

  • FTP / FTPS

  • SFTP (SSH)

  • Folders (SMB) - Local and network folders (for example: C:\Incoming\ or \\share\folder\)

  • Folder (NFS) (V2, V3, V4)

  • File age (created or modified) verification per folder with many options (may vary with the type of protocol):

    • Root only
    • Root and child folders
    • Root and child folders with multiple exclusion filters (including RegEx)
    • RegEx based folder matching (for example, all folders with the name "PROD": filter=\PROD$)
      • For example: Use ...SomeRootFolder\\TheFileFolder\\\d+\\Invoices to exclude all folders where there are numbers between TheFileFolderand Invoices
    • RegEx based file matching (for example, all "XML"-files: filter=\.xml$)
    • Size
      • Min
      • Max
      • Range - if Max < Min, the range between the two will be excluded
    • Count
    • Schedules - monitor according to the specified time intervals

What is evaluated for files on SMB/NFS shares and various FTP locations?

The different evaluated states are as follows:

State Status Description Actions
Unavailable Resource not available Evaluation of the 'File based source' is not possible either due to network or security-related problems Review the prerequisites
Error Too many Too many files according to the user-defined thresholds
Error Too old Too old files according to the user-defined thresholds
Error Size The size of files is outside user-defined thresholds (min, max, range)
Warning Too many Too many files according to the user-defined thresholds
Warning Too old Too old files according to the user-defined thresholds
Warning Size The size of files is outside user-defined thresholds (min, max, range)
OK Files are within all user-defined thresholds (#, Age, Size)

TIP: The evaluated state may be reconfigured using the Expected State functionality on every Resource within Nodinite.

Documentation support is provided by the Repository Model model.


Get insights about ageing files easily from a distance without any other tool like some FTP Client or Windows Explorer. Using the Web Client for Nodinite, Actions can be sent to the Monitoring Agent, requesting operations to be performed on selected Resource. With the built-in role-based privilege model, you can allow individual users to perform functions on selected resources. Grants are managed in the configuration for the Monitor View.

The following Actions are available on File Category Resources:


  • Edit - manage monitoring thresholds
  • List Files - List files matching any applicable filters in the folder, works for local folders (Paths, NFS and SMB) and FTP/FTPS and SFTP (SSH)
    • Download - download option available in the modal where you can download specific files.


Review each Category for specifics.

List files

To open a modal with a list of files; Select the List files menu item on the Action button on the monitoring Resource.

Example of the list files modal.

Release Log

For information about the latest release, review the Release Notes.

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