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Non-Events Agent for Nodinite

Get alerts whenever there are anomalies in message logging.

The Non-Events Monitoring Agent for Nodinite alerts you when traffic patterns are outside your expectations and specifications.
Make sure you get the alert(s) before your customer notices that there is a problem.
Improves the experience, quality and credibility of your system integration service.
Enables your organization to support and maintain integrations according to SLA commitments. In addition, it acts as a foundation for charging models. You cannot have SLA commitments without proper tooling like this non-event agent.

Example of a problem with missing and delayed messages potentially impacting the business.


This agent allows you to monitor Non-Events on logged data by re-using Nodinite security restricted Log Views for business, IT-ops and other stakeholders. This agent is easy to use; Perform a search, then, copy the API link from the Log Views and define the timespan to evaluate. Use this agent to monitor data logged from any platform over any selected timespan. Archiving is a key feature and provides superior long-time logging support.

Non-Events (Number-based scenarios)

Use the Non-Events configuration for simple number-based evaluation:

AckNaks (Request-Response scenarios)

Use the AckNaks configuration for grouped Log Views:

Common features

  • Fine-tune alerts with different thresholds for Errors and Warnings
  • Evaluates the actual number of logged events
    • Min - Trigger an alert if not at least number of messages have been executed
    • Max - Trigger an alert if more events than the expected number of messages is executed
  • Evaluate any message type from any/all endpoint(s)
  • Advanced date time filter options
    • Exclude vacation and or non-business dates
    • Content-based filtering using the rich features and options available using Nodinite Log Views

"Simple" Count based features

  • Supports user-defined business hours
  • Monthly messages - Messages comes within some defined interval, for example between the 10th and the 25th once and only once

"Complex" reqeust-response features

  • Evaluate Ack/Nak
    • Correlates on any message type (technical/functional)
    • Correlate and match using data from payload/context
    • Timespan according to your configuration
    • Makes sure you stay within agreed SLA levels
      • Trigger an alert if outside boundaries
      • Max expected number of events in a group
        • Sanity checks for related events, set the thresholds to detect duplicates or other anomalies
    • Alert information provides relevant information


  • Number of orders received in the last 30 days must be more than 500 and less than 1500
  • Ack/Nak - Send alert if response has not been logged in given time interval.
  • Number of accepted orders from customer A on Mondays between 8:03 to 13:37 must be less than 500.
  • Number of accepted orders from customer A on Mondays between 8:03 to Wednesday 13:37 must be less than 500.
  • Send warning alert if the number of orders and invoices to customer A and B is too low, excluded dates: 17/5, 6/6, 4/7 and 24/12.
  • Send exception alert if a response (Ack/Nak) has not been received in the given time interval.
  • Alert if large messages over 1337 MB are transmitted
  • Alert if order has more than 1000 order rows
  • Alert if total order sum from order rows in order(s) message is more than X


  • View all delayed Ack/Nack's
  • View all missing Ack/Nack's
  • View current status
    • Full Interval
    • Partial Interval
  • Quick Edit Remote Settings per Resource


This agent and all other [Monitoring Agents][Monitoring] are part of the license for Nodinite. No additional costs exist for the use of the non-event Monitoring Agent for Nodinite licensees.

Release Log

For detailed information about the features and bug fixes, please see the Release Notes

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