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IBM DataPower Gateway Agent

Monitor IBM DataPower Gateway with Nodinite DataPower Monitoring Agent.


This agent allows you to monitor IBM DataPower Gateway related resources like cpu, memory, disk, services and notification rules. For example, the DataPower Monitoring Agent can evaluate the CPU load over time, also disk space and memory by setting up thresholds. If services are running as expected. Notification rules are for example any user failed to logon 5 times last 2 min than a alarm is raised (warning or error) or any other event push out on the SNMP trap.

Monitor Capabilities

List of resources that can be monitored by using this agent:

  • Disk - Fixed or percent thresholds with warning and error threshold

    • Encrypted space
    • Temporary space
    • Internal space
  • CPU

    • Load Warning Threshold %
    • Load Error Threshold %
  • Memory with warning and error based on your thresholds

    • Fixed
    • percent
  • Services

    • Stopped services
    • Support for specific settings if a service should be stopped.
  • Notification Rules

    • Just about anything, customize as needed, for example
      • Certificate(s) expired
      • To many failed logins


  • Notification Rules
    • List Notifications


This agent and all other Monitoring Agents are part of the license for Nodinite. No additional costs exists for the use of the non-event Monitoring Agent for Nodinite licensees.

Release Log

For detailed information about the features and bug fixes, please see the Release Notes

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