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Updating the Nodinite LDAP Web API

This guide teaches how to Update the LDAP Web API.

The Nodinite LDAP Web API has no installer. Hence, you must perform a manual update following the steps outlined on this page.

Stay up to date - The LDAP Adapter is a software product under constant development. From time to time, we add new features and bug fixes.New releases are available, and the usage is covered by your paid SA (Software Agreement).

We strongly recommend that you plan for future updates in the context of your existing ALM process.

Before you begin

Please make sure to inform client/consumers prior to the update. The update process requires a complete stop and you will have some downtime. Make sure to perform the update during a planned maintenance window.


Step 1: Stop Application Pool

The first step is to stop the Application Pool for the IIS Application hosting the LDAP Web API.
Use the Internet Information Server (IIS) Manager.


Then, stop the Application Pool:
Stop Application Pool
Use the IIS MMC to stop the Application Pool.

Step 2: Update Content

You can now update the binaries and then review the Configuration. The default path, as documented in the Installation is C:\Program Files\Nodinite\LDAP Web API

Installation Folder

  • Replace the files. Ensure not to overwrite the appsettings.json and settings.json files if these already exist in a previous installation.
The appsettings.json file and the settings.json is part of the ZIP package. Make sure not to overwrite these on existing installations.

Step 3: Start the Application Pool

After replacing the binaries and reviewing the configuration, please re-start the Application Pool in use.

Start Application Pool
Use the IIS MMC to start the Application Pool.


If you fail to update the LDAP Web API or have questions about the update process, please contact our support.


Contact our Support for additional guidance if you fail to resolve the problem(s).

NOTE: Additional information to aid the troubleshooting may exist in the Windows Event Logs.

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