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What is a User Notification?

The User Notifications feature provides a consistent way to schedule and manage notifications that improves communication with end-users

Example of a user notification
Example of a User Notification as seen on the Dashboard


The User Notification has the following properties:

Property Description
Title The Title is mandatory and is the short text that should catch the attention of the intended target audience
Content The Content can be a larger text to inform the user about, details of the notifications. The text area is implemented using a WYSIWYG HTML editor and you can provide rich text formatting including images and more
Type / Severity You can provide different types of classifications for the User Notification, for example, OK or Critical
Promoted on dashboard When checked, the User Notification is pinned on the Dashboard otherwise it is only available in the general notifications area
Global (for all users) When checked, the User Notification is visible for all users and you do not need to manage and limit the target audience (Roles)
Publication start date The start time for when the User Notification is visible (Active) for the target audience
Publication end date The end time for when the User Notification is visible (Active) for the target audience
Roles If the User Notification is not public, you can manage the list of individual Roles

Maintenance Mode

New 6.0 With Nodinite 6, the user notification includes a new option to mute Alerts in Monitor Views. During a maintenance window, the Monitoring Service continues to synchronize with the Monitoring Agents but any and all alerts are blocked. The state of Monitoring Views as the window opens is compared to the state at the end of the window. If there is a reason to send an alert at the end-time, the system will do so.

Maintenance Mode Option
The Maintenance Mode option.

  • Remote Actions are operational during the maintenance window.
  • The state of Resources is reflected at all times
  • Alerts are suppressed during the maintenance window
  • A User with Administrative privileges may end the maintenance window at will
  • Affected Monitor Views present if they participate in an active maintenance window

In the following image example, you can see some Monitor View with an active maintenance window. You can see how long time is left on the maintenance window.
Active Maintenance Window

Next, expand the accordion to view additional details.
Details for the Maintenance window

To manage the maintenance window, click the Actions menu. You can perform the following actions:


  • EditUser Notification.
  • Add an hour to the maintenance window. This option prolongs the window.
  • Remove the Monitor View from the list of Monitor Views part of the maintenance window. This option is not available if the maintenance window is global, including all Monitor Views.
  • End the maintenance window. This option affects all Monitor Views part of the configuration.

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