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Add or manage User Notification

Inform your end-users about planned maintenance windows and other things that they should need to know about

A User Notification can be associated with one or more Roles, available on the Dashboard and the Notifications area.

Add User Notification

Click the 'Add User Notification' button to create a new User Notification.
Add User Notification


The Title is mandatory and is the short text that should catch the attention of the intended target audience.


The Content can be a larger text to inform the user about the details of the notifications. The text area is implemented using a WYSIWYG HTML editor and you can provide rich text formatting including images and more.

Type / Severity

You can provide different types of classifications for the User Notification.

Type Severity

  • OK
  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Critical - This level will force the bell to blink also in the 'Notifications' area
  • Maintenance New 6.0 - Put selected Monitor Views into Maintenance mode

Promoted on dashboard

When checked, the User Notification is pinned on the Dashboard otherwise it is only available in the general notifications area.

Global (for all users)

When checked, the User Notification is visible for all users and you do not need to manage and limit the target audience (Roles).

Publication start date

The start time for when the User Notification is visible (Active) for the target audience.

Publication end date

The end time for when the User Notification is visible (Active) for the target audience.

Recurrence - Time Interval Configuration

You can specify a Time Interval Configuration if you want the User Notification to be recurring. Time Interval Configuration
An example with a Time Interval Configuration to make the User Notification recurring.


If the User Notification is not Global, you can Edit the list of individual Roles who will see the User Notification.
Edit Roles

From the edit modal, manage the list of assigned Roles:
Manage Roles

Monitor Views

You can narrow the scope of the User Notification to either All Monitor Views, or a specified set of Monitor Views.

  • All Monitor Views - When checked, associate this User Notification with all Monitor Views, regardless of which are selected above. This option also includes recently added Monitor Views created after this User Notification.
    All Monitor Views option

  • Specified Monitor Views - Click on the Edit button to include only the specified set of Monitor Views in the Maintenance Window.
    Specified Monitor Views

Maintenance Mode

To put Nodinite into Maintenance Mode, set the 'Type/Severity' option to Maintenance.
Maintenance Mode option
Option to use the User Notification as a Maintenance Window.

Next, review the scope for the Maintenance Window:

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Add or manage User Notification