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Log Agents Overview

Get started now: How to Add or Manage Log Agent user guide

The Log Agents Overview in the 'Logging main Menu' is where a Nodinite Administrator manages Log Agents. Use the Nodinite Log Views to search for data from the Log Agents.

Log Agents are part of the Logging topic and are a key feature of Nodinite. There is a specific page for the Log Agents topic. Make sure to read and understand the basic concepts before continuing.

In the Log Agents Overview, you will find a sortable list of defined Log Agents to manage. Narrow en extensive list of Log Agents by typing characters into the filter text box.

Log Agents
An example of the Log Agents Overview with a list of filtered Log Agents.

Manage Log Agents

The available functionalities for managing Log Agents are:

Add new Log Agent

To create a new Log Agent, click on the "Add Log Agent" button to open the Log Agent editor.
Add new Log Agent button
Click the Add button to add a new Log Agent.

Edit Log Agent

To Edit an existing Log Agent, click on the link in the Name column or open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Edit" menu item.
Click the 'Edit' menu item to edit an existing Log Agent.

Delete Log Agent

To Delete an existing Log Agent, open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Delete" menu item.
Click the 'Delete' menu item to Delete an existing Log Agent.

Restore deleted Log Agent

To Restore a deleted Log Agent, you must first check the "Show deleted Log Agents" check box.

Include deleted Log Agents by checking this check box

Then open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Restore" menu item.
Click the 'Restore' menu item to Restore a deleted Log Agent.

Frequently asked questions / Troubleshooting

You can create a New, Edit and Delete Log Agents using the Nodinite Web Client.

How do I create a new Log Agent?

To manually create a new Log Agent, follow the steps in the "Add or Manage Log Agent" user guide.

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