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Working with Nodinite

Nodinite is now installed and configured and you can start to work with the tool. As detailed in the Planning Guide, you should now enable self-service for your business to create additional value.

Become a producer, not just a consumer - Turn errors and problems into value for your business, not only by performing reactive tasks, but also, to use the information to plan for resolving, and apply root cause fixes for recurring problems.


Our Partners can help you with further configuration, tuning and education.


We urge you to explore the Reporting capabilities. We have many success stories to tell from customers saving tons of money by digging into the statistics and the use of the logged data as the foundation for decision support.

You can use most BI tools and connect with the Nodinite Web API.

  • PowerBI
  • Excel
  • Click
  • C#/.NET/Java/...