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Share query, Copy API, Print, and Export to CSV

Some usability features exist for end-users to further work with the Log Events using the self-service Log Views in Nodinite.

This article describes the following features:

Export options

Share query

The user can share a link to the result with the current settings to another user. The other user must be part of a Role with proper access rights, otherwise, the other user is not allowed to access and further interact with the Log View.

Click on the Share query button to open a modal with the URI to share.

Share query modal
Click on the copy button to get the URI into the clipboard.

The URI contains the current values specified in the search fields option.


You can use the result from Log Views to create non-events Monitoring alerts or you can get the current result into other tools like Excel, PowerBI and Qlik.

The Data in return is in JSON format.

Click on the copy button to get the URI into the clipboard.


The user can print the current result by clicking on the Print button. Doing so opens a printer friendly version of the Log View in a new tab.

Print Log View Printer friendly version of the result in the Log View

Export to CSV

The user can export the result from the Log View to a CSV file. Click on the Export to CSV button to generate the CSV file.

Below is an example of a CSV File in Excel.

Grouped CSV File

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