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Nodinite LDAP Web API Release Notes

This software is regularly updated after each patch tuesday. Make sure to update every month to stay supported, secure and up to date with the latest features. Make sure to revisit this page as we continuously develop new versions


If you are updating from an earlier version, please make sure to backup the old installation and config file, then install the new package as it was the first time installation, then update the settings accordingly.

  • (new) The solution built on ASP.NET 7.0, please make sure to review the updated Prerequisites
  • (new) HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is enabled by default, please implement the recommendations in the Nodinite Hardening user guide.
  • (deprecated) Flagged the old ExecuteXML operations as Obsolete. Please use the Execute method and pass "application/xml" as content-type.


  • (bug) Fix for the missing Route for backwards compatibilty for ExecuteXML operation.
    • /api/ExecuteXML
    • /ExecuteXML

    For the future, please change your client to perform requests to the Execute method with the content-header set (XML or JSON according to your needs)


  • (bug) GetDomainControllers method has been corrected
  • (bug) Enable method for users did not enable the users in Active Directory
  • (new) JSON support if content-type is 'application/json'
    • Execute - New method honoring the request header content-type.

    application/json when the request is JSON
    application/xml when the request is XML

  • ExecuteXML - Old method for backwards compatibility, accepts only XML requests

Swagger methods

  • (change) ASP.NET Core 3.1
  • (change) Support for Windows Server 2019. If your DC is W2k19 you must update to this version.
  • (change) Additional trace code
  • (change) Documentation was moved from word -> Online
  • (new) Support for Logging using Serilog
  • Passwords are now encrypted (info moved from web.config -> appsettings.json)

  • ASP.NET Core 2.0.6
  • Add/Remove Flags bug