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Nodinite LDAP Web API Release Notes

Make sure to revisit this page as we continuously develop new versions


  • (bug) Fix for the missing Route for backwards compatibilty for ExecuteXML operation.
    • /api/ExecuteXML
    • /ExecuteXML

    For the future, please change your client to perform requests to the Execute method with the content-header set (XML or JSON according to your needs)


  • (bug) GetDomainControllers method has been corrected
  • (bug) Enable method for users did not enable the users in Active Directory
  • (new) JSON support if content-type is 'application/json'
    • Execute - New method honoring the request header content-type.

    application/json when the request is JSON
    application/xml when the request is XML

  • ExecuteXML - Old method for backwards compatibility, accepts only XML requests

Swagger methods

  • (change) ASP.NET Core 3.1
  • (change) Support for Windows Server 2019. If your DC is W2k19 you must update to this version.
  • (change) Additional trace code
  • (change) Documentation was moved from word -> Online
  • (new) Support for Logging using SeriLog
  • Passwords are now encrypted (info moved from web.config -> appsettings.json)

  • ASP.NET Core 2.0.6
  • Add/Remove Flags bug