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Integration Landscape

With the Integration Landscape feature, you can paint the Repository Model on a canvas like you traditionally do using Visio, Powerpoint etc.

Landscape Example
An example of the Integration Landscape

The graphical representation that we call Integration Landscape is based on the relationship between the different Nodinite repository artifacts You can work with Integrations using the Nodinite Web Client. Use the following user guides:

Core Services Web Client User Guide Add or Manage
Integrations Integration Overview Add or manage Integration
Systems System Overview Add or manage System
Services Service Overview Add or manage Service

Quick Facts for the Integration Landscape:

  • There is a 1::1 mapping between the Integration and the Integration Landscape
  • You drag and drop Systems, Services and Contracts onto the canvas
  • You can paint from left to right and/or from right to left (or even combine)
  • You can only use one System once in the Integration Landscape
    • Systems can be resized both horizontally and vertically

The Integration Landscape is meant to be rewarding and the more you invest, the more you are rewarded.

The Nodinite Repository Model is tightly integrated with the following features:

Feature Comment
Monitor Views Composite views with monitored Resources lets you know the impact of reported problems
Alarm Plugins Push alerts to stakeholders with relevant information (Custom Metadata)
Log Views Search for logged data using self-service and know the sender/receive information
Repository Model Provides a structured way to document systems integrations solutions

Please review the Integrations user guide to quickly get up to speed.

Manage Integration Landscape

You can change the direction of Services and Contracts. Let's look at the following poorly designed Integration Landscape:
wrong order
Example with a bad layout

Click on the Icon in the Service or Contract and select either the Left to right or Right to left as appropriate.
Example of Display menu items

By doing so we can improve the layout as below:
better order
Example with a better layout

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Add or manage Monitor View
Add or manage Log View

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