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What is a Contract?

You need to know the SOA architecture to maximize the usage of the Nodinite Repository Model.

A Nodinite Contract represents one end of a communication chain and is, by definition a member, of a Nodinite System.

graph LR subgraph "Contract" roSystem(fal:fa-dice-d6 System) roContract(fal:fa-handshake Contract)--- |1..1| roDirection[fal:fa-directions Direction] roTCS(fal:fa-dot-circle TransportContracts) roMessageType(fal:fa-file MessageTypes) roEndpoint(fal:fa-sign-in Endpoints) roContract --> |1..1| roSystem roContract -.->|0..*| roTCS roTCS -.-> |0..*| roMessageType roTCS-.-> |0..*| roEndpoint roContract -.-> |0..*| roCF(fal:fa-paint-roller Custom Fields) roContract -.-> |0..*| roCMD(fal:fa-tags Custom Metadata) roContract -.-> |0..*| roR(fal:fa-lightbulb-on Resources) end

A Contract is a similar entity to a Service. The differences are:

  • A Contract can only be connected with 1 and exactly 1 Service
  • A Contract can not be reused within an Integration
  • A Contract can not be connected with other Contracts (!)
  • The System Parameter UseContracts must be set to true; otherwise, the Contracts feature is disabled

Custom Metadata

As with all the entities of the Nodinite Repository Model, a Contract can have any number of Custom Metadata fields assigned.

Custom Fields

As with all the entities of the Nodinite Repository Model, a Contract can have any number of Custom Fields assigned.


New 6.1

The System Administrator can add one or more Resources from the Monitoring and assign these to the Contract. Doing so presents the Contract with the Monitoring State (the most severe state is the chosen one) in the Integration Landscape.

Contract with Resource
Sample screenshot of the Interactive Landscape feature.

To add a Resource, Edit the Contract, then click Edit on the Resources panel.

Empty Resource list for Contract
Example when there is an empty configuration.

Next, select any number of Resources.

Contract with associated Resource
Example with a Resource tied to the Contract.

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