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Endpoint Direction

The Direction is a mandatory field in the Nodinite Log Events and is vital to the Endpoints entity.

EndPointDirection is a mandatory field (number) part of a Nodinite Log Event. The information qualifies the direction for the Endpoint. Use this information to facilitate search operations and create self-service Log Views for your business.

Repository Endpoint Directions
From the Repository Model you can manage Endpoints and filter on Direction.

Nodinite includes a Repository Model where you can manage Endpoints among other Systems Integrations related artifacts. An Endpoint has a direction indicated by a constant value listed in the table next:

EndPointDirection Direction Note
0 Receive One-Way, for example, receive a file from a folder
1 Send One-Way, for example, send a file to SFTP
10 Two-way Receive For example an An API sponsoring incoming requests
11 Two-way Send
  • A client calling some REST API
  • A call to a stored parameterized procedure
-2 None Please avoid this option
-1 Unknown Default if not set/found (Please avoid this option)

Endpoint direction is a mandatory property and you must ALWAYS include a value in the Nodinite Log Events.

Try it out yourself

To see the full list of values for the version you are running, simply test the Log API.


Replace https://localhost/Nodinite as appropriate for your Environment.

EndPointDirection collection from the Swagger documentation

Simply press the Try it out button:
Try it out To get the list of EndPointDirections, press the Try it out button

Then, press the Execute button, and you will see a modal like the screenshot below:

Endpoint Direction in Swagger
Example of 'EndPointDirections' as rendered by the Swagger definition.

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