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What is the Log Status Code?

Logged Events can have a Log Status Code set to represent the state of the event. The Events are logged from any of the Log Agents. Since the Log Status Code is a number, it may be hard for end-users to understand its semantics. Nodinite provides a way to map these codes into meaningful textual representations.

graph LR subgraph "fa:fa-bolt Log Event" A[fa:fa-code-commit Logging Agent 1] -->|unique collection| B(Log Status Codes) C[fa:fa-code-commit Logging Agent 2] -->|unique collection| D(Log Status Codes) end

To further emphasize the meaning behind the Log Status Code Nodinite is configured accordingly with a Status Type. The following image exemplifies the different options available:
Example of Log Status Types

A user may search, Group and filter according to selected Log Status Codes:
Search by Log Status Code
Example Log View where the User searched by Log Status Code

Log Events matching the Log Status Code are displayed in Log Views coloured accordingly.

Some Examples:

  • 0 from the BizTalk Log Agent can mean 'Message successfully transmitted' - Ok
  • 76 from custom Log Agent can mean 'Invoice successfully created' - Ok
  • 401 from a custom Web Api can mean 'Bad Request' - Error
  • -16 from a custom Log4Net Appender Log Agent can mean 'Missing due date' - Warning

A Log Status Code has one of the following states:

State Description
None Not set or unknown
Information Not set or unknown
Success Used to indicate that the message was successfully processed
Warning Used to indicate an unexpected but not invalid state while processing the message
Error Used to indicate an error/fatal condition while processing the message

The Log Status Codes are unique for each Log Agent.

You must be part of the Administrators role to configure Log Status Codes.

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