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ProductKey - System Parameter

The system parameter ProductKey is used together with CustomerName and validates your right to run Nodinite.

System Parameter Name Data Type Values/Example Comment
ProductKey string *******= You need a valid key to run Nodinite

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite System Parameters exist in the Troubleshooting user guide.

My product key is no longer valid, what do I do?

No worries, you are now only blocked from using the Web Client. Background processes still run. Contact our support at support@nodinite.com to get a new key. Do provide your CustomerName with faster service.

How do I change the Product Key?

With the advent of the Nodinite Install and Update tool 5.2 a new page was added where you can easily modify both the CustomerName and ProductKey on installed instances of Nodinite.

The license information for Nodinite is a combination of the Customer Name AND the Key. These are "paired".

To manage the License, click on the Manage License button:
Manage License Button

On this page, you can edit the following two properties:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Product Key

Update Key

You can also change a value for any of the pre-defined System Parameters as described in the generic 'How do I change the System Parameters' article.

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