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Updating the Nodinite Install And Update Tool

This guide teaches how to update the Nodinite Install and Update Tool.

The Nodinite Install and Update Tool is easily updated using the latest software package (MSI). New features will get default settings; read the release notes!

Release Notes

For information about any release, please visit the Nodinite Portal.

Running Version

The current version of the Nodinite Install and Update Tool is available at the bottom left of the left menu pane:
Current Version
Section with the version information in the left menu pane.

NOTE: You must be the local administrator to install (and thereby update) Windows Services.

Download version

If your run-time environment has access to the Internet, you can download a new version directly from the Nodinite Install and Update Tool. Otherwise, please download it from the Nodinite Portal.

Click the Package Management menu item, then click the Install & Update Tool option. If you have access to the Internet, the information about the release displays to the right.

Click the Download package button to get the selected version.

Download package

To download from the Internet, the following addresses must be whitelisted in your firewall (TCP port 443):

Also, it would be handy if you could access the Nodinite portal:

Step 1: Start the installer

Double-click on the MSI file to start the update process of the Nodinite Install and Update Tool.

At this stage, depending on some settings in Windows, a security warning may present itself. Click the 'Run' button to continue.

Step 2: Welcome Screen

On successful execution of the MSI file, a Welcome screen is presented.

Click the 'Next' button to continue the update process or the 'Cancel' button to quit the installer.

Step 3: Accept End User License Agreement


Step 4: Custom Setup

Select all features for the update and re-use the existing location. We recommend you stick with the default settings.
Custom Setup

NOTE: If you change the location, your old configuration is lost.

Click the 'Next' button to continue the update process or the 'Cancel' button to quit the installer.

Step 5: Service Account Information

Enter the Service Account credentials for the Nodinite Install and Update Tool.

Domain: The name of the Active Directory Domain the Server is joined with. If the local Service Account is being used, the real name of the server can be a . (dot).
User: The name of the Service Account.
Password: The password for the Service Account.

NOTE: The account for the Update Service must be a local administrator (since it installs Windows Services)

Domain service account

Click the 'Next' button to continue the update process or the 'Cancel' button to quit the installer.

Insufficient Privileges

Error message when account information does not meet Prerequisites.
Insufficient Privileges

If you see this message, the most common reason is that the account is not allowed to run as a service and/or is not a local Administrator on the server. Adjust your settings according to the 'How to set Logon as a Service right' guide, then click retry. If the problem remains, click cancel and restart. Make sure to enter valid credentials!

Tip: Check the local event log if there are errors (both System and Application)

Step 6: Completed setup

The last step of the update process gives either a success or a premature exit.
Successful update example

Failed update example: A failed update will render a premature exit.
Premature exit

Click the 'Finish' button to Exit and quit the installer (update process).

When the setup has finished, your default browser opens with the Web Interface of the Nodinite Install and Update Tool.


Contact our Support for additional guidance if you fail to resolve the update problem.

NOTE: Additional information to aid the troubleshooting may exist in the Windows Event Logs.

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