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ResubmitContextValuesForActiveMQ - System Parameter

Nodinite facilitates repair and resubmit (re-send) operations to ActiveMQ by using properties on the logged message Log Event:

  • Endpoint URI
  • Context properties
    • filename Context option
    • ResubmitContextValuesForActiveMQ - JSON structure as described in this guide

Endpoint URI

Nodinite uses the information from the Endpoint URI provided by the Log Event to preset the target for the message to be resubmitted to ActiveMQ.


single server example


multiple server example

File Name

If you provide information about the proposed file name with the logged message, then when downloading or re-submitting using file Nodinite will preset this value when using the Web Client.

ResubmitContextValuesForActiveMQ System Parameter

The System Parameter ResubmitContextValuesForActiveMQ is used to control the resubmit operation of logged messages.

When you resend messages to ActiveMQ and want to control which properties to attach, you have to add coded context properties to the message based and provide configuration for Nodinite using the ResubmitContextValuesForActiveMQ System Parameter.

Nodinite uses the Group Match as the Key for this value and must be entered in JSON format like the following example:


If MessageTypeIds = [] or null this setting is applied on all Message Types.

Example 1: JSON Object applied on ALL Message Types

In this example, we will prefix all the properties that we want to have as properties on the resubmitted message (apply to all Message Types).

Prefix - ActiveMQ. Examples:

  • ActiveMQ#Company
  • ActiveMQ#InvoiceNo
  • ...
  • For all Message Types = []
  • Check for Context Properties prefixed with ActiveMQ# and use any value found using RegEx pattern (.+)
  • Select key group 1 to pick the part in (.+)

Group 0 will take the whole key.

	"MessageTypeIds": [],
	"KeyRegEx": "ActiveMQ\\#(.+)",
	"KeyGroup": 1

Example 2: JSON Object applied on selected Message Types

	"MessageTypeIds": [1,42,1337],
	"KeyRegEx": "ActiveMQ\\#(.+)",
	"KeyGroup": 1
	"MessageTypeIds": [],
	"KeyRegEx": "ExtendedProperties\\/1\\.0\\#(Filename)",
	"KeyGroup": 1

json JSON text string with valid values

This feature comes with Nodinite version

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite System Parameters exist in the Troubleshooting user guide.

How do I change the value?

Changing a value for the pre-defined System Parameters is described in the generic 'How do I change the System Parameters' article.

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