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DaysToKeepMonitorEvents - System Parameter

The DaysToKeepMonitorEvents System Parameter determines how long the history for state changes on Resources should be kept in the Log Databases. Every time a Resource changes its evaluated state (for example goes from OK to Error) a Monitoring Event record is written and thereby persisted to active Log Databases.

We at Nodinite have set this value to 90 days (default proposition in the Install and Update Tool), you can override this according to your auditing policies. It is the Monitoring Service that periodically purges old records.

System Parameter Name Data Type Values/Example Comment
DaysToKeepMonitorEvents integer 90 days Default = 90

This feature comes with Nodinite version 4

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite System Parameters exist in the Troubleshooting user guide.

How do I change the value?

Changing a value for the pre-defined System Parameters is described in the generic 'How do I change the System Parameters' article.

Where do I make use of historical Monitor Events?

Keeping track of the number of faults is a very important KPI. You can use this information in your custom Reports and it is readily visible for Users with access to Monitor Views where the Show History is enabled.

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