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Stylesheet Overview

Get started now: How to Add or Manage Stylesheet user guide

The Stylesheet Overview in the Customize main menu is where a Nodinite Administrator manages Stylesheets.

In the Stylesheet Overview you will find a sortable list of defined Stylesheets. An extensive list of Stylesheets can be narrowed down by typing characters into the filter text box.

Example list of defined Stylesheets

The stylesheet can set the content-type header to render the correct output, see more in the documentation

Nodinite uses the attributes media-type or method. Use the element xsl:output to set the correct MIME type. The evaluation rule is as follows:

  1. If set, uses the value set on media-type
  2. Else, use the method
    • html -> text/html
    • xml -> text/xml
    • text -> text/plain

Manage Stylesheet

The available functionality for managing the Stylesheet are:

Add new Stylesheet

To create a new Stylesheet simply click on the "Add Stylesheet" button to open the Stylesheet editor.

Edit Stylesheet

To Edit an existing Stylesheet simply click on the link in the Name column or open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Edit" menu item.
Click 'Edit' menu item to edit an existing Stylesheet

Delete Stylesheet

To Delete an existing Stylesheet open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Delete" menu item.
Click on the 'Delete' menu item to delete an existing Stylesheet

Restore deleted Stylesheet

To Restore a deleted Stylesheet you must first check the "Show deleted Stylesheets" checkbox.

When checked, include deleted Stylesheets in the list.

Then open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Restore" menu item.
Click 'Restore' menu item to Restore a deleted Stylesheet

Frequently asked questions / Troubleshooting

You can create new, edit and delete Stylesheets using the Nodinite Web Client.

How do I create a new Stylesheet?

Simply follow the steps in the Add or Manage Stylesheet user guide.

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