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Add or manage Stylesheet

In self-service enabled Log Views, transform your logged message into user-friendly formats.

A Stylesheet is associated with one or more Message Types to render user-friendly looking for logged messages (Log Events) and alert notifications like an e-mail sent out by the Alarm Plugins.

Add Stylesheet

Click the 'Add stylesheet' button to create a new Stylesheet for use with selected Message Types.
Add Stylesheet

  • A Name is required to create the Stylesheet.
  • Adding a Description is optional.

Empty stylesheet
Enter the mandatory name and optional description for your Stylesheet

Next, select the type of stylesheet, currently, the following two formats are supported:

    1. XSLT
    1. Liquid

Select the type of Stylesheet to use.


XSLT stands for EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, and is a style sheet language for XML documents.

Use XSLT to format XML messages into other XML formats or HTML.

2. Liquid

If the message body is JSON you can use Liquid instead of an XSLT to produce your output.

Associate with Message Types

Click the Edit button to open a new dialogue to enter one or more Message Types.

Message Types Manage Message Types

Associate stylesheet Associate Stylesheet with one or more Message Types

Preview Setup

Click the Preview Setup button to select content: Preview setup

There are 3 different options available:

    1. Raw
    1. File
    1. MessageId

Input options

1. Raw

Insert message data to use for the preview.

Preview Raw

2. File

Select a File through browsing or drag and drop it within the field.

Preview File

3. Message Id

Select a Log Database, an Event Id and Message Data.

Preview Event Id


Click the Preview button to view the resulting output based on the selected input and the Stylesheet.

Sample output
Example of an order in XML format outputted as HTML using an XSLT Stylesheet.

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