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Display Field Configurations

A Display Field Configuration holds a set of fields (Columns) used to display data for end-users within Log views.

Display Field Configurations (


  • There can be any number of Display Field Configurations
  • There can be any number of fields selected within one Display Field Configuration
  • Artifact renaming is supported, and you can have the same set of columns with different names for different end-users within different Log Views
  • Can be [re]-used in any Log Views
  • The following type of fields exists:

Type of fields
Example of the type of selectable fields

Required user rights

You must be part of the Administrators role to add and manage Display Field Configurations.

Show deleted

The shared feature Show Deleted Delete will not delete the Display Field Configuration but instead mark it as deleted.

When checked, include Display Field Configuration in the list.

Show Deleted

A deleted Display Field Configuration can be restored by clicking on the Restore menu item within the Action drop-down button. RestoreDeleted

From Within Log Views you cannot select a deleted Display Field Configuration.

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