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Monitor - Main Menu

Manage Monitor related artifacts.

Nodinite provides a very flexible Role based Monitor configuration where you can fine-tune who gets access and control over explicit monitored Resources.
Monitor Main Menu

From the Monitor main menu a Nodinite Administrators have access to the following artifacts:

graph LR subgraph "Monitor Main Menu" roMV(fal:fa-display Monitor Views) roS(fal:fa-monitor-heart-rate Monitoring Agents) roA(fal:fa-box-open Applications) roC(fal:fa-folder Categories) roR(fal:fa-lightbulb-on Resources) roMV -->|0..* |roS roS --> |*.* |roR roA --> |1..* |roR roC --> |1..* |roR roMV --> |0..* |roA roMV --> |0..* |roC roMV --> |0..* |roR end

Alerts are configured in Monitor Views where you group Monitoring related artifacts. The Monitoring capabilities of Nodinite is provided by the Monitoring Agents. These agents are set up as Monitoring Agents and are governed by the Monitoring Service. The Monitoring Agents provide Resources with a different set of states.

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