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Nodinite is under update

This message displays during the update of Nodinite. The message disappears when the update process has completed successfully.

The Nodinite Install and Update Tool creates a file named app_offline.htm in the installation folder of the Web Client during the update process to prevent access from end-users. If the update process for any reason is interrupted, the file app_offline.htm may be kept in the file system rendering the Web Client not operational.

Nodinite is under update

When this error message displays, the Administrator is experiencing a failure updating Nodinite. Update exception example


There are different ways to resolve this problem.

Remove file

Remove the file app_offline.htm from the installation folder of Nodinite, usually C:\Program Files\Nodinite\%ENVIRONMENT%\Nodinite Core Services\WebClient. Replace %ENVIRONMENT% as appropriate. If this method does not solve the problem, then you will need to restore from a backup, described next.

Restore from a backup

The Nodinite Update Service creates a backup of every Web Application before replacing them with the updated version.

The default folder for the backups is C:\Program Files\Nodinite\Nodinite Update\Update Service\backup:
Backup folder

  1. Remove all files and subfolders from Web Client installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Nodinite\%ENVIRONMENT%\Nodinite Core Services\WebClient. Replace %ENVIRONMENT% as appropriate.)
  2. Extract the files and folders from latest backup of the Nodinite Web Client zip

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