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Failed to create/install database

This message can be seen during an installation of Nodinite

The Nodinite Install and Update Tool is using the SqlPackage.exe to deploy the DACPAC of the Nodinite Configuration database.

Failed to create/install database


First of all take a look on the Exit code: usually last in the output. See if its a known error i SQL Server.

Take a look in the diagnostics, and send them to Nodinite support if you can not find out a clear error.

How do I download the diagnostics?

Manual download from server

Log on to the server where the update service is running, open the installation folder, for Update Service default path is
C:\Program Files\Nodinite\Nodinite Update\Update Service
Manual download diagnostics
Attach the files with the support ticket, we prefer if you ZIP the files. Instead of like +15 MB it will take less than 1 MB in size.

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