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JMX Monitoring Agent

TheNodinite Java run-time monitoring JMX monitoring use Java OpenJDK with the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception.

Boomi Monitoring
JVM Monitoring

The Nodinite solution has the following parts:

  1. The IIS hosted Nodinite JMX Monitoring Agent
  2. A Spring Boot application hosted as a Windows Service (this is a local gateway)
  3. Your JVM Application to monitor (Boomi or other)
  • Can be local
  • Can be external
graph LR subgraph "JMX Environment #1" roBoomiAtom1(fab:fa-java Java Virtual Machine) end subgraph "JMX Environment #2" roBoomiAtom2(fal:fa-atom Boomi Atom) end subgraph "Host with Agent" subgraph "Spring Boot" roGW(fal:fa-hdd JMX API Gateway
.jar package) end subgraph "IIS" roJMXAgent(JMX Monitoring Agent) ---|8080|roGW end roGW --- |5002| roBoomiAtom1 roGW --- |5002| roBoomiAtom2 end subgraph "Nodinite Instance" roMonitor[fal:fa-heart-rate Monitoring] --- |80/443/...| roJMXAgent end