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Connecting Power BI to Nodinite using the Content Pack

Power BI is a reporting tool from Microsoft that you can use to visualize and share your data like:

  • Log - Create reports based on messaging
  • Monitoring - Create reports and insights about the Resources used for the system integration solutions
  • Repository Model - Create reports and insights about your service portfolio

With Power BI, you can do additional things like create graphs and charts from Nodinite, as well as display Integrations, Monitoring resources, and for example cities from logged orders on a map.

See the 'Reports' page for samples.

Power BI Content Pack

Due to restrictions (that just limits small companies like ours from providing a richer user experience) set by Microsoft our Content Pack for the Azure Market place is not yet available.

Contact our support

If you wants to know more or need templates to get you started with PowerBI and Nodinite, please contact us at support@nodinite.com

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