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On this page you wil learn how to perform the Upload operation

Previously exported configurations by file must be uploaded into the target environment before an Import operation can be performed.

Step 1: Start Upload operation

To perform the Upload operation, either click on the Import / Export button in the Administration overview or navigate to the page using the menu:

Access to Import/Export from Administration sub menu

Click the Upload tab and then click on the type of item that you would like to export. In this guide we will select an Integration since this is the top level object in the Repository Model and all related child objects will also be included in the export by default.

Upload tab
Example of the Upload tab

Step 2: Select file

Click on either the Browse button or drag and drop the file you previously exported. Review the Export user guide for additional information.

File information
Example of information about selected file

Click the Upload button to perform the operation:

Upload button

Step 3: Import items

If the upload is successful then Nodinite will assume that your intent is Import the actual data and the selected module is pre-selected and the Import Wizard is loaded for you. Please review the Import user guide for the remaining steps.

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