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Formula - JsonPathKey

Use the JsonPathKey Formula function with a regular expression to extract matching Log Event Content from any of the following:

  • Body - Payload
  • Context - Key-Value collection
  • A result from previous Formula function

Quick example

Let's get you started with the following example (Get all Keys matching the provided regular expression)

Input Expression Result

{"swagger":"2.0","info":{"version":"V1","title":"Nodinite WebAPI","x-swagger-net-version":""},"host":"localhost","basePath":"/Nodinite/Dev/WebAPI","schemes":["http"],"paths":{"/api/activedirectorygroups":{"get":{"tags":["ActiveDirectoryGroups"],"summary":"Get a list of Active Directory Groups, limited by specified input","operationId":"ActiveDirectoryGroups_List","consumes":[],"produces":["application/json","text/json"],"parameters":

jsonPathKey('$.paths.*', body)

Text Data Context Unique values

Example JSON data was copied from the Nodinite Web API Swagger definition


How to use

To configure the Formula plugin with the JsonPathKey function:

  1. Select Formula as the expression type plugin.
  2. Write down the expression to use in the 'Expression' text area with the named Key to extract jsonPathKey('$.paths.*', body)
  3. Content from the Body
  4. The result is displayed

Extract matches from Json content


The JsonPathKey function has the following syntax:

JsonPathKey(regex('Expression'), Content)

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