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convert Formula function

The convert('source encoding', 'target encoding', Content) Formula function converts any string Content from the source encoding, to the target encoding.

New 5.4

Quick example

Let's get you started with the following example:

Input Expression Result


convert('iso-8859-1', 'UTF-8', body)


Text Data from Body part of logged event convert expression Converted string


  • Convert the specified Content string from the source encoding, to the target encoding.
  • Can be applied to any valid Content that return a string;

This plugin loads the entire message into RAM, so make sure to apply this function only on small messages.

How to use

To use the convert function, the Content parameter should contain a string. But first and foremost we have to configure the Formula plugin:

  • Select Formula as the expression type plugin.
  • Write down the expression to use in the 'Expression' text area.
  • Input a proper string based Content as parameter to the function.


Use the convert function with any of the following parameters:

  • From Message Body: convert('source encoding', 'target encoding', body)

  • From Message Context: convert('source encoding', 'target encoding', context('MessageContextKey'))

  • Result from previous Formula operation convert('source encoding', 'target encoding', SomeOtherNestedFormulaFunction(Content))

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