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Logging from Log4Net Applications

  1. Make sure to first have all Prerequisites in place
  2. Install and Configure the Nodinite Log4Net Appender
  3. Run your .NET application and make sure you get logged events in the Administration Log View
  4. Tune, improve and if necessary add code you your .NET applications to get better result.

IF you change code you should consider logging using Asynchronous Logging user guide instead

  1. Create self-service enabled Log Views for your business
  2. Configure the Non Events Agent and create Monitor Views with optional Alarm Plugins

How are log levels evaluated?

There are five different levels available with Log4Net when logging:

  • INFO
  • WARN

The following Log Status Codes are currently available:

Nodinite Status Type Log4Net Level Description
None N/A Not set or unknown
Information DEBUG
Informational message
Success N/A Operation succeeded
Warning WARN Used to indicate an unexpected but not invalid state while processing the message
Used to indicate an error/fatal condition while processing the message

To learn more about Log4Net please visit Log4Net - Apache.