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View All Monitor Views

In the Monitor Views is where all your monitoring services are shown.

You can filter, sort, show, edit, delete, Customize the Health Graph, and Add or manage Monitor View.

This is the overview of all the Monitor Views.


Health Graph

The Health Graph shows how many, and the share of the monitoring services which is ok, warning and error in a circle diagram.

Clicking a share will show only the Monitor Views within itself.

Health Graph

Customize Health Graph

The Health Graph is customizable and lets you choose if you want a certain Monitor Views to be shown.

All Monitor Views are shown by default.

Customize Health Graph


By clicking show under Action or the name of a Monitor View, Nodinite will display it.

Edit will take you to the edit page, more information is found in Add or manage Monitor View.

Remote Actions

Confirm Deletion

In the dialogue, either confirm or abort the requested action.

Confirm Deletion

Actions on Resources

More information about Remote Actions on Resources.

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